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Welcome to our web site!

We are a local support group that is hoping to make a difference

for the blind and visually impaired in Tuscarawas County.   

As our site grows and our membership     grows as well,

we hope to add information and links to assist the

visually impaired and blind in the Tuscarawas

county and surrounding areas.

White Cane Travel

     In ALL STATES, the white cane is recognized as a tool

for the blind and visually impaired for mobility. 

     The White Cane not only identifies a person with

blindness but also allows that person to tactaly identify

their location near a curb or on a sidewalk plus it also

helps protect them from objects in their path.

     Here is a link to  OHIO's   White Cane Laws

Also, there is a link on this page which

tells the Laws in other States. 

Notice Mr. Magoo's white cane is a bit beat up and bent,

he probably didn't do well on his mobility lessons. 

Or could we say


 "Mr. Magoo,

You've done it again!"


Mr. Magoo & his white cane.