Membership  Button


Membership isn't necessary for receiving our assistance

but we strongly encourage you to be a part of this organization. 

When a person becomes a member, they also become a

member of our Ohio affiliate and the National affiliate.  At the

Ohio or National Convention, your membership permits

you to vote on issues that are being addressed and the

election of officers.


Of course, you are offered the opportunity to decide how this

organization operates because each member has a vote.


To join, each year dues are collected which is $15.00.  $5.00

remains here in this chapter while $10.00 is sent to

ACB Ohio in Columbus.  ACB Ohio sends $5.00 to ACB

National in Wash. DC.  Thus, you become a member

of ALL three affiliates.


You are always welcome to join us at our meetings

and see what we are all about.  We are just a group of

visually impaired and blind individuals who wish to

make a difference in the lives of other visually impaired

people in the Tuscarawas Valley area.