Agencies [State]

Bureau Services for the Visually Impaired
Canton.....................1 800 248 - 4391
Cleveland.................1 800 251 - 2365
Zanesville.................1 800 645 - 1094


non profit

Society for Equal Access

1458 5th Street NW
New Philadelphia Ohio 44663

Ph: 330 343 - 9292


2701 W. Tuscarawas Street
Canton, Ohio 44708
(330) 453 - 9157
Mon - Fri, 8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

Patty Yarman (Graduate Agency Rep.)
800 295 - 4050

Patty & Roosevelt

Library For The Blind
17121 Lakeshore Blvd.
Cleveland Ohio 44110 - 4406
1 - 800 - 362 - 1262

Sight Center [Cleveland]
Local: 216 791 - 8118
Toll Free: 1 877 776 - 9563


for profit

Marlene's Vision System

1 888 898 - 2704

Universal Low Vision Aids Inc.
Universal Low Vision Aids


ULVA © 2010 Universal Low Vision Aids, Inc.
1350 W. 5th Ave., Suite 112
Columbus, Ohio 43212
Fax 614-224-2258

American Foundation For The Blind
National Technology Program
Courtesy of:
Ohio Council of the Blind
Tagline from Verb exchange
This is a “presence manager” give only one toll free number to people and you tell Tagline where to find you. You can send and receive email as a text to speech, leave voice mail, set up conference calls, and decide who and when you choose to speak to someone.
Science Products 800 888 7400
Talking calculator, talking cash register, and other vending machine types such as currency and coin counter.,
Talking adapters for the life scan glucometer.
Financial and statistical calculators.
Hand held and stand, as well as lighted magnifiers
Full Life Products

 800 400 1540
 Talking devices such as calculators,
 caller ID, etc.
Accessible computer games for the blind
Three types of games available:
· accessible games SV (SV stands for self voicing, meaning that no speech access device is needed)
· Accessible internet games (can play with others over the internet)
 Accessible games, single player games that use JAWS or Window Eyes.
Those games are
* Free cell
 * Memory
* Word Scramble
* Word Play
* Yahtzee
Talking Programmable Thermostat
Device for heating and cooling your home more efficiently
Along with talking there is a larger print LED display. Approximate Cost $150 plus installation. (Airtime 500 is the contracted company for installation, unless there is not an Airtime 500 dealer in your area.)
Administrative & Sales
SmartWay Solutions, Inc.
1309 Dealers Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70123
Phone: (504)733-5888
Fax: (504)736-9620
Sonny Knobloch, President
Fred Rhoads, Marketing
SmartWay Solutions, Inc.
914 Dacian Avenue
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919)688-6610
Fax: (919)688-6610
Klaus Hoog, Executive Vice President-CEO
Larry Peters, Vice President - Engineering
Talking Universal Remote
This device is designed to have voice in for those with physical impairments, but also voice output echoing the keystrokes. It will work with a wide variety of electronic devices that can be controlled by a remote control device, stereos, TV, VCR, DVD, etc. (still in the development stages, in terms of dealing with Dish TV, for it can’t control the menus on the screen with speech output.)